Game Killer Apk – Best App To Hack Your Favourite Android Games

The geeks love to mod the games and apps to make them work as they want. Well, it’s an interesting way of using the apps and games by modding them in the way you want. For modding the Android Games and Apps, most of the people rely on the Game Killer App. If you are interested in modding any app or game for personal satisfaction, then you should download this Game Killer Apk, that will help you to do the stuff you want.

The Game Killer APK works differently. The app modifies the values stored in the system memory, resulted in the modded app or game. Most of the times, the game killer app is used to amend the benefits like the steps, Money, Gems and what not in the game. I used this app for the brief period, and I know how powerful this app to mod the apps and games to get the full benefit out of it.

In this post, we will share the link to download the Game Killer APK file for you to download.  But not all Android smartphone users can install the Game Killer APK on their smartphones. The Game Killer APK needs the Root permissions, and without that, you’ll not be able to use this fantastic app on your smartphone to make mods of various games and apps.

Features of Game Killer APK:

The Game Killer App comes with some best features that’ll help you to easily mod/edit any App or Game on your Android smartphone. Here are some of the best features of the Game Killer APK file.

  • Free of Cost – The Game Killer App is free to use, and you don’t need to pay anything with the In-game purchases.
  • HEX Edit – If you are good at editing the HEX values, then you have the HEx Edit feature in this app.
  • Auto Identify – With the Auto Identify feature, the app automatically finds the values that are edited by the games. SO, your work of finding the right values decreases.
  • Clean UI – The app comes with the Clean UI, so you can easily open it and quickly edit the values or do whatever you want. When you are playing the game, you’ll see the Game Killer Icon on the screen, which gives you the access to Clean UI to modify the values.

Download Game Killer APK for Android

The Game Killer is a fantastic app for the Rooted smartphone users. Those who have the rooted Android smartphone can make use of this app and mod various games. Unfortunately, the Game Killer app is not available on the Google Play Store due to some issues. That’s the biggest problem because now, we’ll have to download the Game Killer APK to install and Run this app on the smartphone.

Here, we will share the link to download the Game Killer APK from the official site. Click on the below link provided to start downloading the Game Killer APK.

Download Game Killer – Official Website

How to Install Game Killer APK


  • Rooted Android Smartphone
  • Game Killer APK [ Download Here ]
  • Little Common Sense
  1. If you are installing an APK file on your smartphone for the first time, then you have to follow small step to enable the installation of the APK files on your smartphone
  2. Navigate to “Settings >> Security Settings >> Unknown Sources”. Tap to enable the unknown sources checkbox and agree to the warning shown on the screen.
  3. After enabling the Unknown Sources, You’ve to tap on the APK file you just downloaded. You can find the recently downloaded files in the “Downloads” folder in the system storage.
  4. Tap on the “Install” option on the screen and wait for few seconds. The Android will install this app, and then you are ready to start using it.
  5. After successful installation of the Game Killer APK, open it from the App Drawer. For the first time, it’ll ask you for the Root Permissions. Just tap on the “Grant” button on the screen, and you are ready to use the app.

Frequently Asked Questions on Game Killer App

Will Game Killer APK do any harm to my smartphone?

The Game Killer APK is clean as the RO purified water and will not do any harm to your smartphone. But, as the Game Killer requires the Root Permissions, you’ll need to be little cautious while using this app.

With Game Killer App, how many games I can edit/mod?

With Game Killer App, you can Mod/Edit the values of many games pretty quickly. But, most of the Online multiplayer and latest games will not work. As the issue of compatibility arises, you’ll not be able to use Game Killer app with newer games in the Google Play Store.

How to run Game Killer Without Root Permissions?

The Game Killer app needs the Root Permissions to Mod or edits the game values from the smartphone memory blocks. Without Root Permissions, you cannot run this app. You must have the Root access to your smartphone to be able to use this app.

Is there any alternative of the Game Killer App?

Yes. There are plenty of the Game Killer app options for your pleasure. You can download the Game CIH or the Game Guardian App. These apps are the best alternatives for the Game Killer App. Also, you can install the Lucky Patcher app that will do the same work as the Game Killer app but in a different way.

Summing it Up!

The Game Killer is known as one of the best App/Game Modifier apps for Android smartphones. Those who are interested in modifying the offline games just to flaunt in front of their friends can make the excellent use of this app. As the app cannot change the Online Multiplayer Android games, there is no wrong use of this app in the online competitive scenario. Well, this is the app I recommend you to download instead of any other game modifier app for Android because of the set of features you get with this app. I hope you find this article about the Game Killer APK Useful and you’ll download this fantastic app in your Rooted Android smartphone.

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