Xender For PC – How To Get Xender Application On Your Computer?

There is a sudden boom of Applications across the world, which are useful to do any day to day task. Now there are hundreds of thousands of different Applications are available which can make your life faster, easier and reliable. There are many categories in which the Applications are divided, one such category is called Data Transferring, it means you’re sharing photos, videos, music, docs, files from one device to another. Firstly, all that process was done by Bluetooth, but the technology of Bluetooth is very slow. Thus many Applications came which can transfer data using WiFi at much faster speed than Bluetooth.

The most popular Application of them in Xender. Xender is known for easy and hassle data transferring which is currently being used across the world. Xender supports all major platforms like Android, iOS and Windows. But there is something very surprising about Xender which most of the people are not aware, and the thing is that Xender can also be accessed om your PC or laptop. Yes, that is true it is not just limited to your Smartphone. If you want to see that how it is possible then you have to just follow the article to the end.

Today, in this article I’m going to teach that how can someone easily access Xender in PC or laptop.

Features of Xender –

Xender is an amazing Application. Although there are many File sharing Application available on the Internet, Xender leaves its mark. The Application was originated in China in the year 2012 where is was called shan chuan and later it was named Flash transfer for people outside china, then it was named Xender for the whole world. As I also mentioned earlier that there are may other options other then Xender to share data and file but if you see overall performance and fame that Xender has no their Application has a chance in front of Xender. As far the list of feature is concerned it is quite long.

  1. Xender shares data at high speed but without loss the file’s quality.
  2. Xender allows you to transfer files from device to another without using any external devices or cable.
  3. Allows you to share files with 4 devices simultaneously, at the time of group sharing.
  4. If you have problems in English, Don’t worry Xender supports 22 Different languages.
  5. The best thing about Xender is that is its available free of cost and no paid versions are available.
  6. Xender supports almost every file format for documents, music, videos, photos and contacts.
  7. You don’t have to click numerous option to share data. All you have to do is simply slide to proceed.
  8. The user interface is fast and very easy to understand.
  9. Compatible with almost all known platforms.
  10.  The most sensible feature of xender is that it doesn’t require any internet connection for sharing files.

Steps to Install Xender for PC or laptop –

Method – 1

  1. The method is very simple but very effective. As there is no official PC version available for Xender what we have to is that we have to use the evergreen Emulater method. So, for that you have to Download the Emulater software like Bluestacks or Andy.

2. After Downloading is done, install and open the Application you’ve downloaded and then and double click on it.

3. There you will an option called search box click on that and type Xender.

4. Now, you will see different options for Applications including Xender.

5. Now, you have to Download the Xender App and then install in your PC or laptop via Blustacks or Andy.

6. Then you will the main page of Google playstore where you will find the download button for Xender App. Tap on that

7. The Downloading is done. Now, you have to just click on the My Apps in Blustacks and start sharing.

Steps to Install Xender for PC or laptop without using any App –

Method – 2

There is a way from which you can transfer files between a computer and a Smartphone. This method is preferable for you if you don’t want to install any Application like Bluestack for the purpose. The guide is mentioned below.

  1. First of all, you have to Download the latest version of Xender. Then you have to connect both of your devices from same WiFi network. You can download Xender apk from here.
  2. Now, you have to open there Xender App in your Smartphone and click on green send button. After that, you have to click on Connect to PC button.
  3. You will see an IP Address in your smartphone, You have to just open any browser in your PC and type the IP address which is shown your smartphone and then you to click on Connect to PC option.
  4. The Xender Desktop version will appear on your PC screen now. So, you can transfer the files between both the devices, just from your PC you to drag down the selected file.

Why it is needful –

Xender is widely used in smartphone, but not in PCs, but if you start using it in PC or laptop by using any of the above-mentioned method, then you can save a lot of time and transfer data and files between two devices without using any external devices and cables. Because both the methods are very simple so you even don’t have to think twice before actually using them. Either you use the first method or the second, you are not going to dissatisfied by performance of both the methods.

Final thoughts –

Finally, I have tell to all you people that both the methods which are mentioned in the article are completely authentic and working and for the first method you don’t have to be confused between Blustacks and Andy because both the Applications are compatible for Xender. As far the second method is concerned if you don’t have to take any hassle of downloading a third party Application and then implementing it then it can be handy for you.

Thus, was my views and thought on Xender of PC. If you have any suggestion or questions related to the article, then please comment it in the comment section.

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